Visual Arts

MalcolmX“Art classes encourage me to try new things”

In the visual arts workshops at GCJJC and the Learning Co-Op our teaching artists do more than merely teach drawing skills – they provide a non-judgmental atmosphere in which the students take ownership of the creative process by engaging with simple tools, such as a pencil and paper, while learning to make something new.

Students create a wide range of visual art projects: using different mediums, trying different techniques, learning about different artists/art movements, and exploring art from all over the globe. Working on both long-term group projects, such as murals, as well as individual drawings and paintings that can be completed in one class session, our students take pride in their works that are exhibited in shows throughout the country.


Our Arts on Probation program is a collaboration with The Learning Co-Op, an alternative high school for youth on probation in Genesee County.  A joint project of the 7th Judicial Circuit Family Court, Peckham, Inc. and the Mt. Morris School District, the Learning Co-Op emphasizes individual learning experiences and vocational readiness.

YAU’s Arts on Probation program enhances the students’ learning experience through visual arts workshops in which they learn not only artistic styles and techniques, but work on projects tied to their career goals.