Boys Theatre

Boys in Green“Theatre helps people get their voice heard.”

~ GVRC Boys Theatre Participant

In our theatre program boys learn and experiment with different forms of dramatic expression. The workshops develop problem-solving skills, enhance the ability to work cooperatively, improve verbalization skills, and increase awareness of body language, while at the same time giving the boys an outlet for creative expression. The instructors use various improvisation techniques ranging from short form Improv to longer partnered scenes. They also create real life scenarios – such as interviewing for a job – to introduce life-skills into the workshops. As in all of our programs, the building of trusting and positive relationships between the instructors and the youth, as well as amongst the youth themselves, is an important and essential aspect of the workshops.


In Shakesprov, our newest series of theatre workshops, popular works of William Shakespeare serve as catalysts from which the youth explore universal humanities themes. Using theatre exercises, Improv, and storytelling, this engaging format enables the boys to discover, discuss and relate to themes from Shakespeare’s plays in order to reflect on their own lives and experiences, and to tell their own stories.

GVRC Shakesmedia 2018

GVRC Slideshow

Zackary Canepari, Jessica Dimmock – 2016